Racing in the Heat: Be Good to Yourself

Racing in the Heat

Summer road races are lots of fun, but heat stroke is deadly serious. High temperatures and humidity increase the risk of heat-related illness or death among runners. Masters runners are especially susceptible. It’s important to practice prevention, recognize the danger signs, and be good to yourself when racing in the heat. Racing in the Heat Surprisingly, the risks of heat stroke or … More

How to Turn Your Run into GPS Art


Some interesting GPS artwork has been floating around social media lately. I’m always amazed at other people’s creativity. Probably because most of mine seems to have been used up before I left elementary school. But, nonetheless, I challenged myself to create some original artwork with my own two feet and I’ll share my method with you. It’s easier than you think. … More

Exeter Day 5K – 2016 Results and Photos

Exeter Day 5K 2016 results and photos

The Exeter Day 5K is one of the best kept secrets of the spring racing season here in New Hampshire. The well groomed trails of Phillips Exeter Academy provide a beautiful setting for runners and walkers. The Exeter Day 5K supports one of New Hampshire’s oldest preschools, the Exeter Day School. This event has multiple fun runs for the kids, music and … More

Can Hoka One One Running Shoes Prevent Plantar Fasciitis?

Can Hokas Help Plantar Fasciitis

Anybody who’s suffered from plantar fasciitis knows what a painful and miserable injury it is. I had a pretty bad case of PF last year. I ended up wearing a boot to bed every night, icing three times a day, and giving up running for several weeks. During this time, I stayed sane by racking up big miles on my … More