Thank you, Stranger! The Power of Road Race Spectators

Spectators cheering at marathon

Running is often a solitary struggle. For some, an impassive face hides the battles raging within. For others, a tortured grimace reveals the massive effort of racing. Keep pushing. Suffering is only temporary. Shut up, legs! The faraway look you see in a runner’s eyes is real. I’ve completed races where I can’t recall crossing a bridge, or running past a national landmark. There comes a … More

Runner’s Alley Capital City Classic 10K

Runner's Alley Capital City Classic 10K

The Runner’s Alley Capital City Classic 10K starts and finishes in front of the New Hampshire State House. Runners take a rolling tour through the streets of downtown Concord cheered on by spectators and race volunteers. One hundred percent of the race proceeds benefit two nonprofit groups working to make Concord a better place to live. Intown Concord, an organization … More

Running for Dummies… and Everyone Else

Running for Dummies

As far as sports go, running isn’t too difficult to figure out. Maybe that new ‘space-out’ thing they’re doing in South Korea is easier, but that’s about it. You put one foot in front of the other as fast as you can for as long as it takes to reach the finish line. It’s not rocket science. However, it’s easy … More

Altra One Jr. for Kids – Running Shoe Review

The Altra One Jr.

The Altra One Junior is a running shoe for kids who love to run. My son is pretty serious about his running. He set a NH state half-marathon record last fall, led his cross country team to the state championships, and hopes to break 20 minutes in the 5K before entering 7th grade. He also loves his gear- tall socks, colorful shoes, and … More