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When to replace your old running shoes

Is it Time to Replace my old Running Shoes?

Knowing when to replace your running shoes can save you from misery. Conventional wisdom says to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles. That's a considerable gap in mileage and time. Using that criteria, a runner who logs 20 miles per week could wear ...
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New Hampshire Boston Marathon

2016 Boston Marathon Training – Week 8 of 18

2016 Boston Marathon Training: Week Seven of Eighteen We had a nice taste of spring weather here in the Granite State before winter came back in the form of a Friday snow storm that closed schools and left tree limbs all ...
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Survive Winter Marathon Training

How to Survive Winter Marathon Training

February and March are two of the toughest months you'll face during marathon training. For those of you running in Boston, Big Sur, Vermont or the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, these winter months are filled with punishing high mileage weeks ...
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