Not Great. But, Not Bad. Caught in No-Man’s Land

Not Great. But, Not Bad. Caught in No-Man's Land. Running, Racing

Last night, I raced the hilly FoxPoint Sunset 5-Miler along the tree-lined roads of historic Newington, NH.  It’s one of my favorite races of the year. The course keeps everyone honest and the volunteers are genuinely enthusiastic about putting on a great event for the running community.  The post-race barbecue alone is worth the price of registration. After warming up for a mile or two with my … More

Marathon Training: Long Runs and Daydreams

fall half marathon, training run

It’s late August. That means children are headed back to school and runners are ramping up their mileage in preparation for the fall half marathon and marathon season. Many of my running friends are dealing with the fact that the race they so signed up for back in the early days of summer, (when anything was possible and they ‘needed … More

Spitting in the Soup – Mark Johnson

Spitting in the Soup - PEDs

Performance enhancing drugs are nothing new to Olympic sports. We vilify the users and quickly label athletes as white hats and black hats, but it’s not that simple. There are layers upon layers of chemical use in professional sports and many of the offenders we read about in the headlines are separated from their clean peers only by technicalities and … More

Thank you, Stranger! The Power of Road Race Spectators

Spectators cheering at marathon

Running is often a solitary struggle. For some, an impassive face hides the battles raging within. For others, a tortured grimace reveals the massive effort of racing. Keep pushing. Suffering is only temporary. Shut up, legs! The faraway look you see in a runner’s eyes is real. I’ve completed races where I can’t recall crossing a bridge, or running past a national landmark. There comes a … More