Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket Review

Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket

The Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket is the best winter running jacket I’ve ever worn. Really. I review lots of gear, and this one stays on a hook right next to the door. The Mizuno BT Jacket features a wind and water-resistant lightweight shell, a cinchable drawstring to keep the cold out, and Mizuno’s Breath Thermo panels and Body Mapping design. A […]

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Recovering From Your First Marathon


  Congratulations! You did it. 99.5% of the American population will never know what that feels like. You are now, and forever, a member of the marathon tribe. Your body is weak and your muscles are damaged. Pushing yourself too hard, too soon will result in injury. Recovering from your first marathon requires patience and attention. 1. Rest You already showed the world […]

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Race Day Tips for Your First Marathon


The final few weeks of training and the days leading up to your first marathon are going to put you on an emotional roller coaster ride, but you can find confidence in your training. Look over your training plan and think about everything you have done to get to this point. You have earned this chance at glory. The Taper […]

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Mental Training for Your First Marathon


Beginning runners want to distract themselves from the effort of running. They blast music, bargain with themselves, and try to make it stop. More experienced runners realize that awareness and submission are essential parts of the running experience. As runners, we learn how to tune in to our own internal rhythms and block out external distractions. Ask a marathoner to describer the scene […]

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Running Shoes and Gear for Your First Marathon

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Choosing the right running shoes and gear is extremely important for runners. The wrong shoes can lead to injury, discomfort, or end your running career before it begins. However, choosing the right shoe will keep your feet happy, support your unique running mechanics, and make the miles fly by. Buying the Perfect Running Shoes 1. Foot Type and Gait Analysis We […]

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Nutrition While Training for Your First Marathon


One of the side benefits of marathon training is eating– a lot. You’ll be burning calories and exhausting your body like crazy, and that requires a steady stream of top-notch high quality fuel. Marathon runners need to eat plenty of healthy natural foods and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And, to keep the tank from running dry on a long run, runners need to learn how to eat and […]

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Training For Your First Marathon


Training for your first marathon isn’t about being fast or slow. It’s about completing the race and finishing in an upright position with a smile plastered across your face. You don’t need a fancy training plan with tempo runs, track workouts, hills, and strides. You just need to build your endurance and enjoy the transformation from runner to endurance athlete. […]

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