Tech Shirts Stink

Tech T-Shirts Stink

I’m done running in technical t-shirts. They stink and they’re uncomfortable. Every race t-shirt I’ve collected over the last few years is stinky, scratchy, and fits like a burlap sack. In fact, I’m starting to really enjoy running in my (gulp) cotton blend t-shirts. Let’s start with the stink factor. When I go for a run in my tech shirts … More

First Ladies of Running by Amby Burfoot

First Ladies of Running by Amby Burfoot

I was immediately interested in Amby Burfoot’s new book, First Ladies of Running. Let’s face it, I’m already half sold on any book that covers the sport I love. But, this book was special to me as a husband and father as well. My wife, Tina, is an accomplished marathoner.  Abigail runs cross-country and track for her high school. I … More

Rescue Run 5K 2016

Rescue Run for Marine Mammals 5K 2016

More than 700 runners and walkers converged on the rambling seaside trails of Odiorne State Park in Rye, NH for the 8th annual Rescue Run 5K for Marine Mammals. This race raises money for the New Hampshire Marine Mammal Rescue program and helps save the lives of seals and other marine mammals. The dedicated staff and volunteers at the Seacoast Science … More

You Might Be a Runner If…

You Might Be A Runner

1. You stretch between business meetings and try to convince yourself that black running shoes will pass as dressy. 2. You carry a water bottle with you in your car, have another at work, and still worry about staying properly hydrated throughout the day.   3. You’ve signed up for multiple road races in the coming months and can rattle of … More