5 Ways to Improve Your Half Marathon Race Time

Sub-2 hour half marathon plan

I’ve coached many runners to reach new personal records in half marathons. Some were hoping to break 2 hours, some just wanted to make it across the finish line, and one even set a new state record as an 11-year-old! Every athlete ran their best race by following a specific race plan that included these 5 … Read more

Winter Running Tips from Top Running Bloggers

Winter Running Tips, Running Cold, Snow, Runners

Winter is coming. The air outside is cool and crisp, and smell of chimney smoke and fallen leaves surrounds me on my morning runs. As the temperature continues to plummet towards zero and the first snowflakes fill the air, many runners will head indoors like bears readying themselves for hibernation after the last turkey trot is over. But, the … Read more

14 Truly Awesome Gift Ideas for Runners

gifts for runners

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides and shopping. I don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get right to it. Here are 14 holiday gifts runners in your life will truly appreciate. These gifts will be used right away, and your time and money will be well spent. You may even want to get a little … Read more