The Gift of Running

It’s not easy getting out the door to run every day. It takes a certain kind of mental and physical discipline to do what we do. Some days it feels like a masochistic pursuit to be a competitive runner. Get up early, go to bed early, eat right, watch your weight, stretch, strengthen, and run… a lot.

But, sometimes it all kind of comes together and gives you that heady feeling of physical supremacy, healthiness, and freedom that only a runner can enjoy. You glide effortlessly forward one step at a time. That is why I run.

Those days seem to surprise me. Often times, they happen unexpectedly when you find yourself in a rut. You force yourself out the door and then something wonderful happens about 1 to 2 miles into the run that lifts your spirits and sets you free from the burdens of life. It can happen on a recovery day, a tempo day, a speed day, or even a long slow run. Enjoy these moments.

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