NYC Marathon Training – 16 Week Advanced Plan, Week 1 Recap

My Training
4 Flex Day
24 Bike
5 Regular
5 Regular
6 Regular
6 Regular
6 Regular 6 Regular
8 Long Run
8 Long Run
30 Run/24 Bike

103 days, zero hours and 42 minutes until the official start of the 2013 NYC Marathon. This 30 mile week started off with a 24 mile bike ride on my flex day and ended with an 8 mile run on Sunday. I fit in a nice 5K race on Saturday to keep the legs alive.

The training plan has been manageable so far- easy enough to complete the miles and stay on track. Of course, the real test will come in the next month or two when the mileage doubles and I encounter distances I’ve never run before. However, I’m feeling confident right now that my training will be solid.

I track my miles and my pace with the Nike Sportswatch. I’ve jumped in with both feet and track my miles on NikePlus as well. I like the platform, but wish there was a way to edit runs. Sometimes I forget to hit the button after finishing a race and I walk around for twenty minutes before realizing my watch is still running. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit or trim the run distance. (You can use this limited work-around, but it’s kind of lame.)

I don’t like that you can’t track bike workouts either. There should be another category for cycling that tracks time and reports back in mph and stores that data as well. Many runners are cross-trainers as well. It seems unfair to only see part of your efforts recognized.

Lastly, NikePlus can’t import the data from DailyMile which means I continue to use that site to track my overall running miles, etc. On the plus side (ha, ha) Nike’s portal does allow for friends to follow each other and issue challenges, has great trophies and badges, and the watch itself has been very reliable.

I’d like to run more without my watch, but I’m addicted to the feedback and data I can access. So, sometimes I just run with it, but never actually look at it. Okay, maybe just a peek now and then.

Run strong!

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