NYC Marathon Training – 16 Week Advanced Plan, Week 5 Recap

My Training
4 Flex
24 Bike
6 Hills
7 Intervals
5 Reg
6 Reg
8 Reg
6 Hiking
5 Tempo
6 Tempo
5 AYF (5K Race)
14 Long
15 Long Run
39 Run/24 Bike

76 days to go.

OdiornespThis week started with a 24 mile bike ride. I rode past Odiorne State Park and did a loop along the coastline. The weather was perfect and I managed about 18 mph overall. I didn’t head out with that pace in mind, but it was just one of those days.

Wednesday, after my run, I took my son camping at Pawtuckaway State Park. We had a great time during the day and evening hours, but sleeping on the cold, hard, rocky ground is tough- even in a sleeping bag with a tent overhead. I got only a few hours of sporadic sleep before hiking a six mile trail the Thursday morning. It didn’t take too much thought to cancel the planned eight mile run for that day.

Saturday was the Run for the Honey 5K. (Race Review) I picked up two miles during the warmup and hit my 5 for the day. It was a good dose of speedwork and a fun way to get it done.

I wrapped up the week with a long 15 mile run this morning. I got a late start and found myself running in 80 degree weather. The run was definitely a taste of what’s to come in terms of endurance. I felt pretty good through mile ten. After that, little aches started popping up in new places: left big toe, right hip flexor, left knee, etc.

Good luck in your training next week!

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