Kinesiology Tape for Treating Running Injuries

KT_BlueI began running three years ago when I turned 40.  The first year was difficult on my body. My knees ached, my back hurt, and a variety of pains would come and go as I slowly adapted to the new routine.

I stuck with it and ran some 5K races and slowly became a more confident runner. The next year I challenged myself with a half marathon. As my mileage increased, I began suffering foot pain. I regularly iced after runs, but this was a stubborn injury that wouldn’t go away. The worst part was that it threatened my ability to reach the goal I had set for myself.

Looking for another way to treat my injury, I began researching the use of kinesiology tape. After all, it looked like many Olympic athletes had success with the tape in Beijing. I found some great  how-to videos and instructions online and tried the tape. The first run was pain free and I was hooked. Even better, after two weeks the pain was gone.

The foot pain creeps back every few weeks, but I know how to treat it and continue training. – Run for your life!

4 thoughts on “Kinesiology Tape for Treating Running Injuries

  1. Great! Good for you! I may need to use this KT tape on my right knee. I played singles this past Saturday and I over worked my right knee. I could not play my regular doubles today…I have a knee brace on now. do I need to place this tape a certain way? Judy Sent from my iPad