My Training
4 Flex
24 Bike
8 Intervals
8 Reg
8 Reg
8 Reg
3 Reg
3 Easy
5 AYF (5K Race)
10 Long
13 (1/2 Marathon Race)
37 Run/24 Bike

69 days to go.

Monday was a definite recovery day form the long run of 15 last Sunday. I went for a nice, easy bike ride along the ocean. Cycling is good aerobic exercise and it allows my lower legs, ankles, and knees to rest while keeping my heart and lungs going. It’s also a killer quad workout and helps to balance those strong hamstrings on runners.

Tuesday was a good solid run. It was one of the first times that 8 miles seemed kind of routine. Training plan must be working.

Wednesday was a much anticipated rest day.

Thursday and Friday I completed my runs as scheduled, but felt kind of tired and spent both days. My legs were slow and the runs took a little more effort than usual.

I had a busy race weekend. I agreed to review two races, the Barnstead Firefighters 5K on Saturday and the Black Bear Half Marathon on Sunday. My poor runs on Thursday and Friday could be attributed to nerves before the big weekend.


The 5K ended up better than expected. I placed first in the 40-49 age group with a time of 19:19. I told myself to hold back and save something for Sunday, but sometimes the competitive spirit takes over.

The Black Bear Half Marathon was a grueling 13.1 in the White Mountains of NH with 1000′ of elevation change from start to finish. I managed to hold on for a time of 1:34:26 and another first place in the 40-49 age group.


I was worried that the races might be counterproductive to my training for the marathon, but instead they were a boost of confidence and gave me some much needed competition to spice things up a bit.

50 miles coming up next week. Good luck in your training!

NYRR Advanced Plan Week 7:

Mon – 4 Flex
Tue – 8 Tempo
Wed – 5 Reg
Thu – 7 Reg
Fri – 5 Hills
Sat – 5 AYF
Sun – 16 Long – Run for your life!