I run to the edge of the world and back almost everyday

Seriously. I live along the rocky coastline of New Hampshire. It’s 2.8 miles from my driveway to the Atlantic Ocean.  As long as I run at least 6 miles, I’m rewarded with a breathtaking view.


Looking out on the ocean is similar to looking up at the stars. The sheer size and magnitude of the space is so freeing that it temporarily releases me from the everyday burdens and the constraints of the modern world. I am thankful for my place in the world every time I run there.

It’s during those first few miles along the coastline that I usually forget the aches and pains of running and my pace effortlessly quickens. It’s where I find balance and just… run. If I’m lucky, I find myself alone with just the sound of my breathing, my footsteps, and the waves crashing on shore.

Where do you find balance and just… run?

8 thoughts on “I run to the edge of the world and back almost everyday

  1. I’ll wave to you, if you wave to me- since I’m on the other side of that rather large pond! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I’m envious of that view! I found a nearby trail where I run…just enough sun peaks through, wind rustles through the trees, the occasional deer walks by and there is even a waterfall or, two actually. I absolutely love it!

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