KT Tape – Product Review

I’ve been using kinesiology tape for a foot injury off and on for about 8 months. I’ve been using the Mueller brand of tape. It retails for about $10 a roll. I have been tempted to grab the KT brand instead, but the price is a few dollars more. So, I asked a KT marketing rep if I could review the product.  KT_Blue

My first impression of the tape was quality. The tape is more substantial than what I had been using. The strips are pre-cut and come in usable 2″ x 10″ size.

The application of the tape was easier for two reasons. First, the tape did not come unraveled when cut, which is important for clean edges. (Trust me on this, if it sticks up, your sock catches the tape and it peels off.)  Second, the paper backing is thicker and less prone to ripping.

Once I applied the KT tape to my foot and shin area, I went out for an 8 mile test run. I tape provided good support, strong adhesion, and good flexibility throughout my run. I used it again today for 5 miles of hill repeats and was very happy with the results.

KT Tape on foot

KT tape is advertised as staying on for days both in and out of the water. I wore it in the shower to see how it would hold up and within a few minutes it was peeling of my feet. I used the cotton tape which has 1-3 day specs vs the synthetic tape which promises 4-7 days. I can only speak to my experience with the cotton product.

KT tape has been a good solution for me, and I would suggest giving it a try before resorting to more expensive alternatives. There are lots of helpful videos with instructions for application of the KT tape here.