Runners Stay Safe with the Road ID App

Road ID App

Road ID App

I think we can all agree the most important thing when going out for a run is to make it back alive. Road ID has been helping athletes  by offering a variety of ID bracelets and gear designed to make the jobs of first responders more efficient. Carrying Road ID ensures that emergency and medical personnel will have access to the information they need to treat you as quickly as possible and immediately notify your emergency contacts.

If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you. –Road ID

Road ID has taken their program to a whole new level with their free Road ID app for iPhone. The Road ID app is available to anyone for download and the online service costs nothing to use. There are two major components to the Road ID app: eCrumb tracking and the emergency lock screen.

Road ID appTo begin using the app the user enters a time for their planned activity. This could be a hike, a run, a walk or bike ride. Any activity that takes you on a route can be tracked and your progress can be monitored by those that receive your eCrumb notification. This provides piece of mind for you as an athlete that someone is watching should you need assistance. It also provides those who care about you with the ability to check on your progress and see that you are OK.

eCrumb Road IDecrumb roadidThe eCrumb notification option can be used with up to 5 contacts. Those contacts will receive an email from Road ID with instructions on how to access your route and track your movements. The map updates every minute and shows the location of your phone on a map. If you lose battery or cell coverage a note will be displayed on the map screen telling your contact that there is a battery or power issue. When coverage resumes, so does your tracking online.

roadidmapAnother feature that you may find useful is the stationary alert. If you choose to turn on the stationary alert, a message will be sent to your contacts if you are stationary (inside 15 foot perimeter) for longer than 5 minutes. The alert can be cancelled by the user before it goes out to the contacts.

Much like the physical Road ID products, the app offers a lock screen displaying your emergency contact information. You have the option of adding emergency contacts, allergy information, medical information, etc. and making it your default lock screen.

As many of you know, marathon training can be very time consuming. Last weekend I left the house early in the morning for a 2-3 hour run. I decided to give the app a try. I sent an eCrumb to my wife and headed out the door.

She was able to track my progress minute by minute and found the email and online map to be very easy to use. I basically “set it and forget it” and tucked my phone into my hydration pack. The battery life went down by about 30% over the 2-3 hour run. Not bad considering the amount of ongoing GPS communication.

This is a great app.

“Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” – Run for your life!