Chia Squeeze

Chia SqueezeOrganic Chia Squeeze is a new product line from Mamma Chia. The chia seeds are infused with fruits and vegetables to create a tasty gel that can be eaten on the go. The Chia Squeeze snack will supply you with the Omega-3s, protein and fiber you need to power through whatever the world throws at you.

I am already a big fan of chia seeds, so I wanted to try this product out to see how it tasted. I tried all four flavors- Strawberry Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Green Magic and Blackberry Bliss. Each 3.5 oz package contains 1200mg of Omega-3s and 2000mg of Protein.

My favorite was Apple Cinnamon. My 9 year-old son liked the Strawberry Banana. We tried the packs chilled and at room temperature. We both like the chilled version a little better. They might be the new school snack in our house.

My wife didn’t like the texture of the Squeeze, so we tried diluting it in water to make a Chia Fresca of sorts. I don’t recommend that. It’s really meant to be eaten right from the squeeze pack directly.

As with anything Chia, the texture can be difficult for some. But, if you like Chia seeds and you’re looking for a new way to enjoy them, you’ll want to try Chia Squeeze. Chia Squeeze is available online at – Run for your life!