NYC Marathon Training – 16 Week Advanced Plan, Week 10 Recap

My Training
4 Flex
3 Easy
8 Interval
8 Interval
5 Reg
5 Reg
7 Reg
7 Reg
5 Reg
6 Reg
5 Tempo
10 Long
10 Long

41 days to go.

The mileage was lower this week and my legs responded with some quicker paced runs. Last week averaged out at about 7:45 pace. This week, the pace was closer to 7:25. I was a little itchy for a race this weekend. Taper phase is going to be difficult.

The ten mile run today (Sunday) was a bit tougher than I expected it to be. I was sent a sample of EnergyBits to review. I took a handful this morning before heading out, but really don’t have anything to report one way or the other. I’ll try again next weekend on my 20 miler and see if they deliver a boost of long lasting energy as promised.

My body seems to be holding up pretty well so far. No real complaints other than soreness in the arch of my right foot. It kind of feels like a muscle pull/tightness. Thankfully, it goes away after some self massage and icing. I also rolled it on a tennis ball for a while and that seemed to help loosen it up a bit.

Next week is a bit intimidating. 59 miles on the training schedule. If you are training for the NYCM, say hello in the comments section. Have a great week!

NYRR 16 Week Advanced Plan Week 11:

Mon – 4 Flex
Tue – 8 Hills
Wed – 6 Reg
Thu – 9 Reg
Fri – 6 Tempo
Sat – 6 AYF
Sun – 20 Long – Run for your life!

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