energybitsIf you are active in the Twitter running community, then chances are you have already heard about these high protein, spirulina algae tabs. ENERGYbits claim to have the highest concentration of protein in the world and deliver a steady stream of energy, all naturally and all without sugar, caffeine, chemicals or stomach distress. Are you intrigued?

I contacted Jonathan Levitt, ENERGYbits brand manager, during a #HealthyWayMag chat on Twitter. He sent me a complimentary travel tin for review. After reading the literature and the positive tweets from the running community I was ready to put these bits to the test.

I took 30 bits with a large glass of water as directed. The bits are a dark organic green color and smell a bit like seaweed. I chugged them down and headed out the door for a hilly 10 miler without my usual cup of morning coffee.

The run was actually a little tougher than I expected. I didn’t experience any ill effects from the bits, but I can’t say that I noticed anything positive either. I felt good that I had ingested a very healthy 100% algae product, but I didn’t feel anything extra in terms of energy.

I decided to give it another try a week later. This time, I took the bits before a 10.5 mile tempo run. I took the remaining bits (35-40) with a large glass of water and hit the road about 20 minutes later. I hit my pace goal in miles 4-7 and felt pretty decent up until the final mile when I started running out of steam and was ready to be done. Sounds a lot like every tempo run workout, right?

I believe ENERGYbits are a healthy supplement, but they didn’t impress me in terms of performance enhancement and increased energy. If you would like to learn more, or try them for yourself, they are sold online at – Run For Your Life!