NYC Marathon Training – 16 Week Advanced Plan, Week 13 Recap

My Training
4 Flex
5 Easy
10 Tempo
10 Tempo
8 Reg
8 Reg
5 Reg
5 Reg
6 Reg
22 Long
22 Long

20 days to go.

The 10 mile tempo run and the long run of 22 were the key workouts this past week. The other runs were more or less filler that contributed to a solid high mileage week. From here on out, things stay shorter and faster.

The tempo run on Tuesday was fun. It felt great to dip under 7 minute pace for a 4 miles. I’m feeling confident that this plan is going to work out well for me. My endurance has never been better.

The long run was very long. This was a new PR for me in terms of time and distance. 22.10 miles in a time of 3:00:06. The last two miles were a bit of a struggle as I found myself battling lower abdominal strain and stabbing pain in the arches of both feet. I think both were symptoms of overuse and are of no real consequence.

The long run felt more like an expedition than a run. I dropped water bottles at miles 6 (also 16) and 11 out my out and back route. That gave me 3 quick stops to replenish fluids. The weather was cool and cloudy and the crashing waves provided a nice backdrop for my long run. I refueled sparingly with a single Gatorade carb energy chew at each of the water stops.

Bring on the taper. My main goal now is to arrive in NYC healthy and rested.

If you are training for the NYCM, say hello in the comments section. Have a great week!

NYRR 16 Week Advanced Plan Week 14:

Mon – 4 Flex
Tue – 6 Intervals
Wed – 4  Reg
Thu – 8 Reg
Fri – 4 Hills
Sat – 5 AYF
Sun – 14 Long – Run for your life!

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