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The Handana is a useful running accessory with a great back story. Runners sweat, cry, drool, and produce quite a bit of nasty fluids on the run. How many times have you found yourself wiping your nose on your sleeve or failing to clear your brow of sweat with a fancy technical tee that absorbs almost nothing?

The handana was a product born from necessity. Katie Niemeyer is a Stevens-Johnson (SJS) survivor. She is also a marathoner. Katie was left with very sensitive eyes after her illness. She tried everything she could think of to avoid the excruciating pain and burning caused by sweat dripping into her eyes.


Katie Niemeyer

Headbands, wrist bands, and hats all helped a little. But, with her marathon approaching and her training in jeopardy, she was struck by inspiration. She created the Handana, a product that wraps around your hand and can be used to wipe nasal drip and sweat from your face and neck. The Handana is made using a SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that is soft, durable and wicks away moisture.

The Handana is available in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can get both the fit and the style you are looking for. To order your own Handana, or see the latest sales and promotions, visit

Road Test

I ran a 8 mile tempo run in unseasonably hot temperatures earlier today. It’s October in NH, and it hit the mid 70’s. I knew things would heat up by mile 2 and I could put the Handana to the test.

I’m happy to report that it worked as promised. I found it to be lightweight, absorbent, and easy on the sensitive skin around the eyes and face. My only complaint would be the added heat of the wrap itself. I’m so sensitive to that kind of thing when I’m pushing the pace.

I will definitely use the product again. I look forward to using it more when the temperature drops and the runny noses begin. Nobody said running was pretty all of the time. – Run For Your Life!

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