NYC Marathon Training – 16 Week Advanced Plan, Week 15 Recap

My Training
4 Flex
4 Easy
6 Tempo
6 Tempo
5 Reg
6 Reg
5 Reg
5 Reg
4 Reg
8 Long
8 Long

5 days to go!

Tapering is a anxiety inducing period for the marathon runner. Maybe more so than any other distance (that I have run, anyway) because of the time and distance required to complete the race. Twenty-six point two miles is enough time for anything to happen.

There is considerable pressure to run well after months of training and time invested. It’s not like you can just run another marathon in a week or two, like you can with a 5K race. The marathon is a different beast entirely.

For a first timer like myself, that translates to a mix of nervous excitement and a good bit of self-doubt. Can I hit my goal pace? Should I have a goal pace? Do I turn it on at mile 20? Will I be able to make it to mile 20? Was I crazy to do this?

This past week was pretty easy. The drop in mileage coupled with the cool fall weather has been a nice treat. Running is so much easier than training.

I’ll be posting a complete race recap and sharing my thoughts the week after the race. Drop by and share some of your own stories along with links to your blogs, pics, etc.

If you are running in the 2013 NYCM, have a great race!

NYRR 16 Week Advanced Plan Week 16:

Mon – 4 Flex
Tue – 5 Reg
Wed – Off
Thu – 5 Reg
Fri – Off
Sat – 3 Easy
Sun – 26.2 @ 2013 ING New York City Marathon – Run for your life!

7 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Training – 16 Week Advanced Plan, Week 15 Recap

  1. Good luck! I ran my first marathon yesterday – the cape cod one. A perfectly respectable 4:23:42 – it’s a hilly course. You’ll do awesome!!! Can’t wait to read the recap!