Runners: 10 Reasons to Give Thanks This Year

running turkey2013 has had been tragic in many ways for the running community. But, we’re an optimistic and resilient people, so let’s celebrate and give thanks for some of the good things that happened in 2013.

  1. Inspiring people like Winter Vinecki, who became the youngest person to finish a marathon on all seven continents. The 14 year-old from Oregon ran each race with her mother, Dawn Estelle. The pair became the first mother-daughter team to complete the quest that began in April of 2012. Winter runs to raise money and awareness for the fight against prostate cancer. She lost her father to the disease when she was just 9 years old.

  2. The return of the NYC Marathon was, quite literally, a huge success. The event set a world record for marathon finishers at 50,266. It was redemption for many in the running community after the canceled race in New York last year and the horrific events in Boston last spring.

  3. Wilson Kipsang of Kenya set a new world record of 2 hours 3 minutes 23 seconds at the Berlin Marathon. You don’t even want to know his pace per mile.

  4. Obstacle course, mud runs, and color runs have been inspiring millions of people to get up and get active. These events continue to grow and introduce people to the fun of running. Sixty percent of Color Run participants have never run a 5K before.

  5. Minimal Shoes are in decline as more data comes out concerning increased injury risk and the benefits of running shoes that provide stability and cushioning. With most of the country’s runners pounding pavement, the minimal trend never made much sense for the masses.

  6. Foam rollers and compression socks have helped speed recovery and sore muscles everywhere. Jury is out on this one, but let’s be thankful for whatever eases the pain and keeps us healthy.

  7. Social Media continues to offer runners a community to support their efforts and offer advice. Online communities like Nike+, DailyMile and RunningBug offer a suite of services to support runners.

  8. Yoga continues to grow in popularity as a way for runners to increase their strength and flexibility and stay injury-free. Just be careful which pants you wear to class.

  9. Reflective gear for runners. It is dangerous out there on the roads in the early morning and evening hours. Nike’s Flash Pack and Brook’s Nightlife product lines are specifically designed to increase visibility and keep runners safe.

  10. Spectators, supporters, and family members have shown outstanding compassion and support for all of us this year. Even in the face of fear and uncertainty, these wonderful people continue to let us do what we love and encourage us everyday.

Have a peaceful and relaxing holiday season. -Jason

One thought on “Runners: 10 Reasons to Give Thanks This Year

  1. Excellent blog, Jason. Especially as Anika works at Publix. Thank you and have a fabulous Thanksgiving! love, Judy

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