How to Winterize Your Running Shoes

Winter is on the way. Here in New Hampshire, we are already experiencing frigid temperatures and expect up to 1′ of snow later this week. Ice and snow make the roadways hazardous for runners. Here’s a quick way to winterize your running shoes so that you can stay on your feet this winter.


1. A pair of old running shoes

2. 10 hexagonal screws – 3/8″

3. screwdriver and marker



  1. The first thing to do is mark the locations of the screws on the sole of each shoe. I like a screw at the toe-off point, 2 on the ball of the foot, and 2 on the heel.


  1. Insert a screw at each of the marked locations. It’s a little tough to get started, but it will grab eventually. Use the screwdriver to tighten the screw until only the head is exposed.


Congratulations! You have a pair of shoes to tackle the slippery conditions outside- cheap and easy.

Once your shoes have been winterized and spiked up you’ll want to reserve them for use only in icy conditions. The winterized shoes will slip more on a clean surface because the rubber sole will no longer make solid contact with the road. But, on a road packed with snow and ice, this will do the trick. Good luck and stay safe this winter. – Run For Your Life!

9 thoughts on “How to Winterize Your Running Shoes

  1. do you feel the screws at all when you’re running? i ask because i run in thinner soled shoes meant for transition to barefoot running. i could use short screws but even so i don’t know how comfortable it would be….

  2. To make the install easier, make a pilot hole with a spike tool. Don’t need to drill, just something to break the surface. Infinitely easier.

  3. Thanks for this tip. A friend of mine does this and I thought it would more difficult to set up. I’m going to try using a nutdriver instead of a screwdriver once I use a punch to break the surface of the sole.

  4. Years back I was training in the winter for a spring 30k. I went into 1 of the local running stores for advice. They suggested using trail shoes since they have more tread. I’ve done that for my winter runs over the last few years and they have worked awesome.

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