Exercise: Alternative to Prescription Drugs

A new study confirms that regular exercise can literally save your life. In a medical study conducted by researchers from Stanford Medical School and the London School of Economics, it was reported that exercise is just as effective as prescription drugs in combating deadly conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


The study reports that people who exercised regularly and took no drugs to combat heart disease had the same chance of dying (or surviving) as did the people taking statins and other commonly prescribed drugs. The same result was found when comparing those who suffer from diabetes. Former stroke victims who chose exercise over prescription drug treatments had a significantly decreased mortality rates compared to their counterparts who did not exercise.

We spend an awful lot of money on prescription drugs and our population continues to get sicker. If exercise can help offset the tremendous cost of healthcare and reverse the trend of increasing obesity and disease, then we should really focus on promoting healthier habits. Encourage those you love to make exercise part of their regular routine.

exerciselabelWhen it comes to medical prescriptions, it’s not recommend that anyone stop taking medications without first consulting their doctor. However, I would recommend that everyone strive for good nutrition and regular exercise.

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