Indoor Cross-Training for Runners: Cycling Trainer

Winter training takes some serious dedication. The days are shorter and the temps are plummeting. So, it’s no surprise many runners head indoors for treadmill workouts. Personally, I can’t stand treadmills and would rather freeze than degrade the running experience.

Last year, I purchased a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and mounted my Felt Z100 on it. The setup was easy and the resistance of the fluid trainer is very realistic and steady. I still get out the door 5 times a week, but on the other 2 days I hit the bike for a quality cross-training session.

kurtkinetic biketrainer

Benefits of Cycling for Runners

  • Cycling works the major muscle groups – quads, glutes, calves
  • Cycling (at effort) provides excellent cardiovascular benefits and maintains fitness
  • Cycling is a non-impact activity, reducing risk of joint injury
  • Cycling can help prevent overuse injuries from high mileage training programs
  • Cycling uses “new” muscles which stimulates overall muscle growth

Some Tips for Cross-Training on Bike

  • Intensity is important
  • Tempo, Hills, Repeats
  • Don’t push too high a gear, RPMs should be 80 or above
  • Experiment with resistance and gears to find your zone
  • Proper bike fit is essential, see an expert if you have questions
  • Speed or Endurance? Have a purpose when you get in the saddle

If you have a bike, and you are looking for an alternative to running that could result in big strength and speed gains, you may want to consider a cycling trainer. I pedal to music when I ride fast, and stream a movie on my laptop during my endurance rides. Biking indoors is a decent way to keep your fitness up and stay fresh during the grey days of winter.

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