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youonlyfasterYOU (Only Faster) – Training plans to help you train smarter and run faster
Greg McMillan, M.S.
McMillan Running

I reached out to the publisher to review this book. I’d heard many great things about McMillan Running and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I promised that I would give this book an honest review and nothing more.

Having said that, this book is pure gold. Runners will find training plans, coaching secrets, and great advice on running and racing. McMillan is clearly influenced by coaches like Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels, David Martin and Joe Vigil. He explains the complicated science of running in terms that anyone can understand.

While reading most books is a passive experience, YOU (Only Faster) requires active participation by the reader. In begins with a personal running evaluation and moves on to the use of the McMillan Running online calculator culminating in a finely tuned and individualized training plan for the reader.

YOU (Only Faster) helped me develop my own personalized training plan for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in Washington, DC this April. I chose to modify the Half Marathon plan and adapt it to my runner profile.  Which, by the way, now has a name: Combo Endurance Monster. Creating the plan took an evening of thoughtful consideration and reflection, but with the words of Coach McMillan guiding me through the process I feel confident that my plan will get me to the starting line healthy, hungry and well prepared.

YOU (Only Faster) is a great book for runners who want to understand the principles behind the training. Understanding why we do what we do, is essential to performing well and ‘owning’ the workouts. You’ll discover the reasons why we need Lactic Acid Tolerance Intervals just as much as we need Steady State Runs. You’ll find yourself going back to this reference often. My dog-eared copy has already made it to the living room bookcase.

Recommendation: BUY

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