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Quick-Strength-for-Runners Quick Strength for Runners: 8 Weeks to a Better Runner’s Body
Jeff Horowitz

After reading only the first few pages of the Introduction, I already knew this book was great. Several times I thought to myself: “that’s exactly what I have,” or “this is just what I needed.” Horowitz mentioned two specific examples of injury due to muscle weakness: IT band tightness and tweaky hamstrings. Both are very well-known to me, and now I feel that can address the cause and not treat the symptoms over and over.

Horowitz has run more than 170 marathons and ultra-marathons. He’s also a certified personal trainer and running, cycling and triathlon coach. He has penned two earlier books: My First 100 Marathons and Smart Marathon Training. He is clearly well-educated exercise physiologist, and yet his style of presentation makes concepts accessible to those without advanced training and education in sports medicine.

The book begins by tackling a few common misconceptions about strength training and proceeds to explain the basics of anatomy and kinesiology specific to running. The book offers the reader a customized 8-week strength training plan to help them run faster and avoid injury. At the end of the eight week training cycle, the reader can make adjustments or refine their plan as they continue to become stronger and develop a lifetime fitness routine.

Once upon a time, about twenty years ago to be precise, runners believed that they didn’t have to do anything but run. – Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon Champion

The training plan includes progressive workouts structured to maximize your fitness gains. Each week new exercises are introduced. Each exercise is presented using detailed pictures and descriptions. Some exercises require equipment such as dumbbells or an exercise ball, but most are simple resistance exercises. You’ll find yourself going back and forth between the weekly workouts and the specific exercise details for a little while, but with practice they’ll soon become second nature.

I am eager to begin my 8-week program. All of us want to get faster, and nobody likes to suffer from injuries. Strength training is essential to staying healthy and running faster. This book is what you need, instead of another visit to the doctor or another home remedy to rid yourself of that nagging injury.

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