In the High Country – Anton Krupicka

Joel Wolpert has produced a beautiful film that captures both the dangerous beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the passion of ultra-runner Anton Krupicka. The visuals in this film are breath-taking. Dialogue is kept to a minimum and the sounds of nature are ever-present. This documentary will leave you with the intense desire to experience the natural world and discover more about yourself in the process.

krupickaThe film begins with a look at Anton Krupicka’s family home in Nebraska farm country. His father talks about how Anton has fallen in love with the majesty of the Rocky Mountains and made a new home for himself there. Next we see Anton’s adventures in the Rocky’s, his trials climbing “Alexander’s Chimney,” and the price you pay in toenails for becoming an ultra-runner/mountain climber. The last chapter of the film is titled “Chasing Muses.” Here, we see Krupicka enjoying his new home in the mountains of Colorado and becoming more at one with his surroundings on every run.

This film does not offer any insight into the training regimen or routines of Krupicka as a runner. For those of you that desire a closer look at that aspect of Krupicka’s life you may want to check out his blog at Riding the Wind.

The film is available for sale or rental on Vimeo: or as a DVD here:

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