Refuel – John La Puma, MD

Refuel_BookCoverREFUEL: A 24-Day Eating Plan to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone, and Pump Up Strength and Stamina
John La Puma, M.D.
Harmony Books

If you are a distance runner or triathlete, this is probably not the book you are looking for. However, if you know a man who is out of shape, over-medicated, and in need of a reboot before real health problems set in, you might want to recommend this book to him. It’s not for the fairer sex. This a man’s guide to refueling. The tone is a little patronizing, the wording is a bit crude “…they (overweight men) end up holding a carton of ice cream in their lap at night, instead of their partner…”, and the advice is always very direct. Did I say this was a man’s book yet?

Doctor John La Puma is both a board-certified practicing internist and professionally trained chef. He advocates for healthy eating and has already written two New York Times bestsellers on healthy aging and diet. He sees patients and specializes in weight management and nutrition in Santa Barbara‚Äôs Chef Clinic. He uses his ‘doctor’s brain and his chef’s taste buds’ to come up with healthy and appetizing dietary plans.

His new book, REFUEL, unlocks the secret to helping men get healthy –make it easy, quick and fun. The book begins with an in-depth look at the current health crisis and the unique challenges facing men. The dangers of belly fat and associated estrogen production, the hidden toxins in our food and water supply, and sleep deprivation are among the important topics covered in the first part of the book.

Part two begins with a self-analysis: Do I have low testosterone? Am I fat? Once these questions area answered, it’s time to move on to goal setting. La Puma knows that food, fitness and relationships are deeply intertwined. The practices and habits of couples are often very much the same. So, good communication and support at home are essential to the refueling strategy. You may be refueling for two, or more, if you have family members at the dinner table.

La Puma goes so far as to suggest how you might address certain topics with your spouse. I found his suggestions quite entertaining. I only hope there aren’t men out there that need that much help. An example from the book:

What she says: “Those pants are getting a little tight.”
What you hear: “When are you going to get off your fat ass and do something about that beer belly?”
What not to say to her: “Why don’t you mind your own freaking business?”
What to say to her: “Yeah, I could use some help.”

Part three is where the fun begins with the introduction of a 24-day refueling strategy. The plan consists of exercise, healthy eating, sleeping, and clean living. The basics of cooking and kitchen equipment are covered along with a variety of healthy recipes. La Puma covers snacking, eating outside the home, and other dietary concerns that could potentially derail the process. With La Puma’s refueling plan, men will lose weight and increase their strength, energy and virility by eating only high quality foods.