5 Tips for Vacation Running

Marco Island, Florida, Vacation Running
Marco Island, Florida

Vacation is a time for relaxation, sunshine, good food and running. For runners, a vacation provides opportunities to explore new places and change stale routines. However, even paradise can also be stressful for a runner worried about weight gain, or losing fitness. Follow these 5 tips for vacation running, and you’ll stay fit while enjoying your vacation even more.

5 Tips for Vacation Running

  1. Map it. Research the area where you plan to stay. Use tools like Map My Run or Google Maps to view the area and plan a few running routes before you arrive. You’ll rest easy knowing that you have this piece figured out. If you are staying with friends or family, let them know you plan to run while you’re there. They might suggest routes for a rave run, and it will also set proper expectations for vacation running ahead of your arrival.
  2. Safety first. If you are running a new route for the first time, you might want to recruit some friends to join you. It’s also a good idea to let everyone know where you are running and when you expect to be back. If you have a phone, bring it with you. Tuck a few dollars and your license into a pocket just in case you need it. 
  3. Dress for it. If you are visiting a different climate, make sure you dress appropriately. Nothing will make you more miserable than wearing the wrong clothing. Your body will be very sensitive to big changes in temperature. You can use this guide for clothing choices. Plan your runs for early morning hours if the weather is warm.
  4. Respect yourself. Your runner’s body is a finely tuned machine. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, and try to get as much sleep as you usually do. Sample the local cuisine and enjoy the experience, but eat only when you are hungry. If you follow these basic rules, you’ll feel better during your runs and you’ll enjoy your vacation guilt-free.
  5. Relax and Enjoy. You’re on vacation. Chill out. Enjoy your runs and observe the people and places you run past. Exploring a new place on foot gives a person a much richer experience than simply looking out a window. Be present and fully enjoy your visit.

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