10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Running

running dog runners dogs


Buzz is my friend and training companion. Over the past eight years, he’s never stood me up, he’s never complained, and he’s always been ready to leave before me. He’s a heavy breather and he gets distracted by roadkill, bicycles, and squirrels. But, he runs for the sheer joy of being active and experiencing the world around him. These are some of the lessons my dog taught me about running.

What My Dog Taught Me About Running

  1. Running is play, not work. If it’s work, it’s time to sit. Even if that happens half a mile from home.

  2. You have to hydrate. Especially on hot days. If you don’t have a bottle, the nearest mud puddle or stream will do just fine.

  3. Say hello to the people you see along the way. Go out of your way to wave, bark, and make sure everybody knows you’re there. Being visible keeps you safe.

  4. When something gives you the creeps, keep a wide perimeter. Sometimes a friendly hello isn’t the right course of action. Trust your instincts. This especially applies to clowns, stuffed animals, and hair dryers.

  5. Run as fast as you can once in a while. Feel the power and adrenaline surge through you as you chase your dreams, your PR, or just another dog.

running dog runners dogs

  1. Eat well and eat often. Fuel your body by eating good foods and keep your energy up by eating often. Never pass up the chance to enjoy the occasional treat. It keeps you happy.

  2. Rest after a long run. Your body needs to recover and rebuild. It’s OK to nap in the sunshine. You’ve earned it.

  3. Explore the world around you. Try new routes and explore new trails. Take time to smell the scents, hear the sounds, and notice the beauty around you. Marking your territory is optional.

  4. Keep a positive attitude. Wag your tail and jump at the chance to go for a run. You’ll come back happy and relaxed.

  5. Life is fleeting. Live it fully and without hesitation.

3 thoughts on “10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Running

  1. Buzz is a wise boy! Thanks for the instant smile you gave with this post. We can learn so much from our furbabies. Most of all to live with JOY and show it:)

  2. For those who cannot run , these same great ideas apply in walking and life! Thank you for the encouraging and helpful ideas.

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