Adidas Adios Boost

AdiosBoost1The Adidas Adios Boost is a shoe made for runners that want go fast- real fast. The winners of the 2013 Tokyo Marathon, 2013 Chicago Marathon, and the 2013 NYC Marathon all wore the Adidas Adios Boost on their feet. I’m not saying you’ll win any marathons with these shoes, but if you don’t, you can’t blame the shoes.

The Adidas Adios Boost features a flexible, lightweight mesh upper, a snug and secure reinforced heel, and a road-hugging feel even with a 10mm heel to toe drop. I’m not sure it would serve me well over a long three-hour 26.2 mile grind, but it did help me earn a shiny new 5K PR this season.

Name: Adidas Adios Boost
Surface: Roads
Purpose: Racing, Training
Type: Racing Flat
Extras: Adidas Boost Technology
Price: $140


The big news with this shoe is the Boost technology. Adidas describes Boost as a “revolutionary cushioning technology which provides the highest energy return in the running industry.” The Boost material is made from a substance like Styrofoam called TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that is elastic and made up of thousands of cells fused together. The material promises to give runners the highest energy return in the industry.
During my runs, I definitely noticed an extra bounce in the heel area. The forefoot area is thinner and firmer than the heel area, so there is less material there. I’m a mid-foot striker and I appreciated the firmer forefoot. However, when I ran with a heel-striking style, I definitely noticed an energy return. As you can see in the pic above, there is a hard plastic piece added to the sole of the shoe that provides arch support via the Adidas Torsion System.


This would be near the top of my own personal favorites list, but every time I wear them I develop a hot spot on the inside of my big toe. The space in the toe box is actually quite generous, so I’m surprised. I would suggest trying them on and running a few fast strides to test the fit if you get the chance.

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