OPEDIX Core-Tec Shorts Provide Stability and Improve Endurance

OPEDIX is an apparel company that designs clothing to improve the body’s natural kinetic function. Core-Tec shorts are made with layers of material that act as a tensioning system. This system provides stability and reinforcement to maintain kinetic alignment and improve kinetic efficiency. Think kinesio tape integrated into garments that improve joint alignment and muscle function.

Opedix Core-Tec Shorts

OPEDIX reached out to me for a review of their Core-Tec shorts and I readily agreed. At first glance, the shorts look and feel a lot like bike shorts. Yes, they’re a bit tight and revealing, but they can easily be worn under a pair of nylon shorts. Upon closer inspection, you will see that these shorts are constructed with multiple panels (27 in all) of tensioning material.

After putting them on, I noticed that the seams are flat enough to be worn without underwear, which helps considerably in warmer temperatures. The tension seemed to fit just right across my pelvis and around my hips. The material is breathable and moisture-wicking. I did my dynamic stretching in them and never had a problem with the shorts riding up my legs.

The true test would happen during my 7 miles of hill repeats. I have dealt with some lower abdominal pain that I believe is related to a core imbalance or simply over-exertion. It usually gets worse after speedwork or races. I wasn’t expecting a cure, but I did have reason to hope these specially designed shorts could offer me some relief.

Opedix designed these shorts to target the lower back and hips. Therefore, the shorts sit a little high around the waist. The rest of my running shorts sit low on my hips. It’s not uncomfortable, just different. I noticed this difference for the first 5 minutes of my run, and then forgot about it entirely.

The shorts didn’t flatten the hills or improve my pace per mile. No surprises there. But, I did notice reduce the discomfort I had felt in my lower abdomen. The added support and stability provided by the OPEDIX Core-Tec shorts helped relieve the stress on those fatigued muscles. I was able to keep the needle buried and push hard without the intense pain I had experienced on my earlier runs.

The OPEDIX Core-Tec shorts will have a place in my lineup for long runs and speedwork. The price tag is a bit steep at $165. So, there’s that. But, they are high quality shorts that provide kinetic efficiency and core support to keep you running your best. You can try them risk-free for 30 days.


One thought on “OPEDIX Core-Tec Shorts Provide Stability and Improve Endurance

  1. I will try these shorts for tennis. Since you compared these shorts to KTtape, I am sold. I will not go on the tennis court without my KTtape on my knee! Now I just may have a new apparel to wear! Thanks for the update! Judy