Honey Stinger Product Review- What’s the Buzz?

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Honey Stinger makes nutritious and great tasting honey-based foods designed to fuel endurance athletes. Their energy bars, protein bars, energy gels, organic waffles, and organic chews are made with organic wildflower honey, nature’s energy resource. In the crowded energy gel market, Honey Stinger separates itself by offering a selection of products that are effective, healthy, and tasty.

Organic Waffles

honey stinger waffles

Honey Stinger waffles are a quick source of carbs (19g – 21g) and sugars (9g – 14g) to give you a boost. A sweet layer of honey is sandwiched between two thin crunchy waffles. The waffles come in several flavors: honey, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and lemon. Similar waffles have been sold for years on street corners throughout Europe and eaten by professional cyclists.


Organic Energy Chews

honey stinger energy chews

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews are unique as they are the first to include naturally occurring fiber and protein derived from 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey. The chews are soft and they are smaller than the gel blocks and chews made by other companies. The smaller size makes them easier to eat on the run. I liked the fruit smoothie flavored chews, but they also come in six other flavors. Each packet has 39g of carbs and 27g of sugars.


Energy and Protein Bars

honey stingers energy bars

Honey Stinger Energy bars are made with over 30% natural organic honey, soy protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, whole grains, calcium, antioxidants, and natural flavors. They are a good alternative to energy gels if you want to eat something real while you bike, walk, fish, run, ski, etc. I recommend the blueberry buzz.

Honey Stinger Protein bars contain 10g of whey protein in addition to all the other good stuff. I really liked the ‘peanut butta pro’ flavor. It actually tasted a bit like a peanut butter cup. Some protein bars have an awful grainy texture, but this one was easy to eat.

Honey Stinger for Kids

So, the real selling point for me is the fact that both my children (ages 10 and 12) liked the Honey Stinger waffles and chews. Honey Stinger just released four new products for kids: honey waffle, chocolate waffle, citrus chews, and mixed berry chews. Kids are always snacking, and these healthy choices will keep both parents and kids happy. As a testament to how popular they are, I was all out of samples before I could snap a picture for this post.