8 Week 5K Training Plan for Beginners

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This 8-week plan is designed for beginning runners that want to complete a 5K race. Each week you will have two rest days and at least one walking day. These days are referred to as recovery days. These easy days allow your body to adapt to the new training routines and build up the strength and endurance you’ll need to complete a 5K run.

You will begin with a total of 1.5 running miles in week one, and gradually increase your mileage until you reach a peak of 11.6 running miles during week eight. The first few weeks are the toughest. You’ll have sore muscles and you’ll need to remind yourself of the reasons you chose to run this 5K race. You CAN do this. Remember to eat smart and fuel with healthy food choices.

Share your training plan with the people who are closest to you. Post a copy on your refrigerator and mark off your progress each day. Choose a goal race and register ASAP. Deciding to run a 5K, sharing that goal with others, and registering for a race, are the three best things you can do to stay on track during your training. Now, treat yourself to some new workout clothes and running shoes, and go for it!


  • If you feel tired or injured, skip a day.
  • If you can’t complete a run, walk instead.
  • Run as slow as you want. Your goal is to cross the finish line with a smile on your face.

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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  1. Hello, I am trying to print out your 5K 8 week training program and it keeps telling me it is no longer found. Would it be possible to email it to me. I have just started running and really want to benefit and learn correctly on how to run longer and faster.

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