ecco biom evo racer pro

The ECCO BIOM EVO Racer Pro is a visually striking shoe. When these shoes arrived for testing and review, my son let me know the world isn’t fair. The black and yellow pattern on the mesh upper is sharp, the suede toecap adds some nice contrast, and the soft white outer sole and midsole make the shoe look as if it might float away at any moment.

Name: ECCO BIOM EVO Racer Pro
Surface: Roads
Purpose: Racing, Training
Type: Racing Flat, Training Shoe
Extras: BIOM NATURAL MOTION, Seamless upper
Price: $140

The shoes are very neatly designed. True to their origins, this Scandinavian company excels in clean lines and minimal design elements. The lightweight upper is seamless and the mesh fabric allows for greater air circulation. The shoe has no insole, much like the “old school” racing flats. The midsole of the ECCO BIOM EVO Racer Pro is made from injected PU (polyurethane foam) with forefoot flex grooves. The heel features an asymmetrical collar. According to ECCO, the unique collar design provides anatomical medial side ankle support.


The¬†ECCO BIOM EVO Racer Pro is made for racing. It weighs in at about 8 oz. and the heel-to-toe drop is 5mm. This shoe is marketed as a minimalist shoe and the ride is firm and unforgiving. There aren’t any frilly extras on this pair of kicks.

The Scandinavians have a reputation for being stern, unforgiving, and extremely efficient. Well, that kind of sums up the feel of the ECCO BIOM EVO Racer Pro. I have run in Newton Elites for some time now, so my calves and lower legs have adapted to the feel of a mid-foot strike and a minimal shoe. When I first ran in these shoes, I was surprised how tired they made my lower legs feel. As I ran in them more often, my legs adapted, but they are probably the toughest shoes I own in terms of concussive impact and zero energy return.

These shoe have a nice secure fit around the mid-foot, and a snug and secure heel cup. The toe-box is on the small side. I felt as if my toes never fully spread out on impact. Of course, this may be due to the fact that I have gargantuan size 13 feet.

The ECCO BIOM EVO Racer Pro is exceptionally lightweight and highly minimal. So, it’s not for everyone. If you are a heavy runner, or you need extra support and guidance, this is not the shoe for you. If you are a minimalist runner who likes to go fast, then you should definitely check out this stylish racing shoe by ECCO.

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