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One of my family members has some seriously stinky feet. It might be the same one who insists on wearing his “elite” socks everyday and plays multiple sports every season. While all that exercise adds up to a healthy body, it comes at the price of some stinky sneakers. So, when I received some Rocket Pure natural body care foot deodorant spray, I knew exactly where to test it.

Rocket Pure uses all natural ingredients in their line of body care products. The main ingredients in their peppermint foot spray are water, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and thyme oil. The result is a clean and natural smelling spray that is safe to use in your shoes or directly on your skin.

rocket pure foot deodorant

We chose to spray the shoes and socks. One application did the trick for the stinky shoes. And, after a day in the trenches of elementary school and track practice, the socks and shoes came home smelling fresh. No more embarrassing odor and a happier athlete.

I’ve also had great success with Rocket Pure’s Hand and Foot Balm and their Anti-Chafe Balm. I used both products at a recent half marathon and finished with zero blisters and no chafing. This is even more remarkable considering that it rained for the last half hour of my race. Check ’em out.

Natural Foot Deodorant Spray for Athletes. Fights Odor and Stink on Feet and in Shoes Caused By Bacteria. No Harsh Chemicals. Works on Feet and Deodorizes All Types of Shoes, Running Sneakers and Rock Climbing Shoes. Made in the U.S.A. of Natural Ingredients by Rocket Pure.    Natural Hand and Foot Repair Balm. Perfect for Dry Cracked Heels From Running and Hiking, and for Moisturizing Dry, Split, Chapped and Damaged Hands From Rock Climbing and Exposure to the Elements. With Tea Tree and Lemongrass Oils. A Little Goes a Long Way! By Rocket Pure    Natural Anti-chafe Balm. Helps Prevent Chafing, Blisters, Sores, from Clothes, Sweat and Sport. Perfect for Triathletes, Runners and Cyclists. Will Glide on Your Body With Ease. No Harsh Chemicals and Paraben Free. Made in the U.S. of Natural Ingredients. A Little Goes a Long Way! Friction Therapy By Rocket Pure.

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  1. Some very good tipps! Thank you very much! Another good remedy against stinky feet: Wear special cedarsoles, made from cedar wood inside your shoes. They combat the bacteria. So foot smell has no chance to survive. But daily washing will be the most fundamental measure.

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