Island Boost: Fast Fuel On the Run

Island Boost Running Fuel

The energy gel market is a crowded space. Runners have many options when choosing a fuel to sustain them during their long runs. You can choose from gels, chews, bars, waffles, jelly beans and gummies and find dozens of flavor profiles. But, when it comes down to it, your choice should be based on four things: effectiveness, ingredients, digestion, and taste.

Island Boost is made with only natural ingredients and designed from the beginning to be easily digested, quickly converted to energy, and improve athletic performance. Island Boost was created by Laura Mildon, an easily distracted runner with a very sensitive digestive system who got physically sick using traditional fueling products. We’ve all been there. Haven’t we?

Fueling Mistakes

When I ran the NYC Marathon last year I bonked… hard. I didn’t bring any gels or refuel with anything other than Gatorade. I knew better, but the thought of trying to swallow a pasty gel was enough to make me gag just thinking about it. The chews aren’t that much better, and so I decided to run it “old school.” Well, it worked like a charm until mile 21.

After crowd sourcing fueling suggestions from runners on Twitter and Facebook, I kept hearing about Island Boost. I decided to reach out to them for a sample to review. They graciously agreed, and several long runs later I’m finally hunting and pecking my thoughts.

island boost running

Island Boost Test Run

I first tried Island Boost on a ten-mile run at ‘yellow light’ pace, not comfortable but not race pace fast. I was starting to wilt around mile 7 when I remembered I had tucked an Island Boost Passion Fruit packet in the key pocket of my shorts. (FYI – you can fold these packets to cram into your pockets.) I ripped off the tab and chugged.

My first thought was “Holy %#$*! that was a sugary blast of intense flavor.” Then, I finished the rest of it and tucked the wrapper back in my pocket. No stomach issues, no burping, no water to chase it. At mile 8 I was feeling pretty good. I checked my pace and I had dropped 20 seconds per mile. That’s when I became interested in Island Boost.

On later long runs I tried Valor (chocolate) and Renegade (blueberry-pomegranate) flavors. I think I like the Renegade flavor best. Every time I used Island Boost, I noticed a quick bump in energy and felt fresh legs. I like the ease of drinking a quick liquid shot instead of chewing something sticky or pasty.

Island Boost

Island Boost is made from the simplest carbohydrates of all: pure glucose and fructose, electrolyte-rich coconut water and pure, natural, tropical flavoring compounds. Nothing artificial. I like knowing that what I put into my body is safe and natural. The sugars are quickly absorbed and used to fuel your hungry muscles. The electrolytes keep your muscles working efficiently and help you avoid PR-killing cramps.

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