Under Armour Spine Clutch

under armour spine clutch running shoe

The sleek new Under Armour Spine Clutch is off-the-hook. The Spine Clutch delivers a superior fit and a comfortable ride that begs runners to go faster and longer. The shoe has two key design features that make it work. First, there is the UA ClutchFit™ technology that acts as a second skin and provides a nice secure fit.  Second, the UA Spine™ chassis provides lightweight, flexible support underfoot.


UA Spine Clutch

Name: Under Armour Spine Clutch
Surface: Roads
Purpose: Racing, Training
Extras: ClutchFit™ and UA Spine™
Price: $99.99

The Under Armour Spine Clutch running shoe is a sleek, lightweight trainer with enough cushioning to keep heavy heel-strikers happy. The ClutchFit™ technology adds a layer of plastic with anvil-shaped cut-outs designed to flex as the foot twists and moves. The Under Armour logo is prominent on the sides, tongue, toe, and heel of the shoe.

The UA Spine™ chassis provides a stable and cushioned ride. The design of the spine allows for flexibility along the grooves while providing stability along the rigid spine structure.  Some shoes are lightweight, some provide stability. Under Armour developed the UA Spine™ to offer both.

UA Spine Clutch

The UA Spine Clutch is all about the fit. Under Armour built their reputation on tight-fitting apparel that offers support and moves with an athlete like a second skin. These shoes are built on the same premise. I didn’t find them to be uncomfortable or tight. There is a snug fit around the midfoot, a secure heel, and I had room in the toe box to spread out my size 13 feet on impact.

The Under Armour Spine Clutch is a good training shoe. I have run everything from mile repeats, to ten-mile tempo runs with zero complaints. The UA Spine Clutch is not a specialty shoe, which means it’s a good choice for anything you have in mind.

For those of you that like to kick around in your retired shoes, or just like the feel of wearing a decent running shoe, Under Armour has designed a stylish shoe that comes in white, black, or lead.


Available starting June 1st at FinishLine.com

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