2014 York Hospital 5K

york hospital 5k

York Hospital 5k
York, Maine
June 7, 2014

The York Hospital 5K Road and Cross Country Race was a festive family race. 781 runners crossed the line and 37% (287) of them were under the age of 14. There was a bouncy house by the finish line and lots of smiles and cheers for everyone. This race is a great way to kick off the summertime road racing season in Maine.

Parking/Facilities/Registration: There was ample parking available outside the hospital. Swarms of helpful volunteers parked cars and pointed people in the right direction to find registration, bathrooms, and the starting area. The registration area was staffed by several people and easily handled the incoming traffic. Six porta potties could be found near the start/finish area. Things were very well-organized and efficient.

Race Course: The race course was one of the more interesting courses that I’ve had the pleasure of running. Mile 1 started on the roads, and then took runners across a field to the “wiggly bridge” that lead them to a wooded single track trail. The trail ended and runners were on the road again for a hilly mile 2. Mile 3 ran through the center of town and looped around to finish behind the hospital. I enjoyed the change in scenery throughout mile 1, and was humbled by the hills we met during mile 2. By mile 3, I was just hanging on, looking for any sign of the finish line.

Refreshments: Water, oranges, bananas, yogurt, energy bars, and popcorn were available in a shaded tent near the finish line. It was close to 80 degrees by race time, and the New England crowd was hit with the first blast of summer heat they had felt in a long time. The shade was welcome, as was the cold bottled water.

Awards and Results: All finishers received race medals. No doubt many of the children (and maybe some adults) will be proudly strutting around with race medals still around their necks come Monday. The results were posted in the tent very quickly after finishers crossed the line and easily visible.

Awards were given out to the first place finisher in each age group. I would have expected maybe two or three deep given the amount of young runners involved in this race. Those who were awarded had generous gift certificates to use at local merchants or on Amazon.com

Overall Experience: I brought my wife and my two children, ages 10 and 12. We all had a good time and enjoyed the race, the course, and the friendly York community. If you’re looking for another reason to travel to the Maine coast in June, add this race to your list.

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