Hershey’s Track and Field Turns 37

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It’s the smell of the root-beer flavored Popsicle that I remember best. I was leaning on the chain link fence surrounding the high school track, listening to the synthesized sounds of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love from an over-sized boom box up in the bleachers, reflecting on my fourth place finish in the Boys 800m race. The perspiration seemed to pulse out of my ten-year-old body with every heartbeat as I tried to catch my breath on one of the hottest summer days of the year.

I grabbed a Popsicle out of the recreation department’s red Coleman cooler and watched as the next heat of runners stepped onto the sticky asphalt surface. Fourth place wasn’t going to make the cut for the next meet, so my focus shifted to the softball throw. Hershey’s Track and Field Games gave me an opportunity to run in my first organized track and field meet and sparked a lifelong interest in running.

This week, I had the pleasure of watching my son compete in his first Hershey’s track meet. The meet brought back old memories for me, as it created new ones for Peyton. He left with a handful of ribbons and a new sense of confidence just like I had thirty-three years ago.

Run, Jump, and Throw

Hershey’s Track and Field Games are about having fun while living a healthy, active lifestyle. Hershey’s Track and Field meets provide an outstanding opportunity for children to make new friends and become committed to a physical fitness program. Every child is rewarded and recognized for participating. Thank you Hershey’s for supporting this event for 37 years.

Hershey’s Track and Field Events


*These events will not qualify for the North American Final.

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