Reebok Z Jet

reebok z jet running shoe

The Reebok Z Jet is a eye-catching new running shoe that uses air motion technology, Nanoweb support, and Jetfuse cushioning to give runners the ultimate in comfort and stability. This shoe is a perfect match for the Couch to 5k runners, or heavier runners that need some extra TLC to keep from getting injured. The shoe really pops with modern design elements and distinctive jet engine styling on the outsole.

reebok z jet running shoe

Name: Reebok Z Jet
Surface: Roads
Purpose: Training
Extras: Nanoweb Upper, Jetfuse Cushioning
Colors: Blue. White, Yellow
Price: $129.99

The Reebok Z Jet is a stylish shoe designed to offer great cushioning and stability. It’s a bit heavier than a performance shoe, but it provides superior protection that many runners need to stay healthy and avoid injury. The traction on the outsole provides a reliable grip, even on rainy days. My first run in the new Rebook Z Jet running shoes was a rainy 5-miler on the pavement, and I felt very secure in my foot placement. The rugged sole made good contact with the road surface.

reebok z jet running shoe

The Nanoweb upper provides a stable exoskeleton around the heel area, and the breathable mesh helps dissipate heat while running. The padded tongue of the shoe and the lacing system were comfortable over the top of my foot. This has been an area of injury for me in the past, and many runners lace their shoes in varying patterns to avoid irritation caused by poorly designed shoe lace systems. The Reebok Z Jet was comfortable out of the box.

The most significant thing about the Reebok Z Jet running shoes is the outsole design, modeled after the design of a jet engine. Each of the individual pods contain air and collapse under pressure to provide responsive cushioning. In addition, the grooves around the pods provide air movement and flexibility in the forefoot.

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