Janji – A Company for Socially Conscious Runners

Time for another pair of shorts or maybe a new training shirt for the summer? Consider spending your money where it will do the most good. Janji contributes about 20% of each sale to give food, medicine, and clean drinking water to people in need.

The Janji store sells items from specific collections representing various countries in need. You can choose from Bangladesh, Haiti, Kenya, Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the United States. Each collection features the colors of that country’s flag. And, your purchase directly benefits the people who live there. If you purchase an item from the Haiti collection, eight packets of nutritional medicine are purchased for a child suffering from malnutrition. If you purchase an item from the Tanzania collection, 10 years of drinking water will be provided to three people, in a country where unsafe drinking water causes more than half of the disease.

Janji Running

Even in a country as wealthy as the United States there a people going hungry. My bright yellow Janji logo tee arrived in the mail earlier this week. The tag attached to the shirt let me know that proceeds from the sale would provide 8 meals to a family in need here in the United States. That is a really awesome feeling compared to an empty purchase made from a big company whose profits simply fill the pockets of investors.

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Does it feel good on the run? You bet. Janji apparel is made from a polyester blend with moisture-wicking properties. Flat seams mean comfort without chafing and Janji’s bright colors keep runners safe on the roads. Check out their collections and see where your charitable donations will go by clicking on the item descriptions. Run for another!

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