How My Wife Ended Up Running My Marathon

So, I debated whether I was going to run a marathon this fall. I decided that since I was in shape, I was only getting older, and there were so many great races, I really had to do another one. Last year, I ran my first marathon in NYC. You can read all about my race experience  here. So, this year I set my sights on the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.

I entered the lottery, and nervously waited for confirmation on lottery drawing day (while refreshing my browser repeatedly for several hours). I was psyched to be in the race, but also had that happy/nervous feeling of knowing that I was lucky to have been accepted, but also on the hook for months of arduous marathon training. A few weeks ago everything changed when I received an email from Asics.

I was invited to be part of the Asics Editor’s Challenge Team for the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon! An honor, and an incredible opportunity to mingle with elite athletes, get some top-notch coaching, test out some great running gear from Asics, and gain entry into the sold-out 2014 NYC Marathon- for free! So, what to do about the MCM entry?

My wife, Tina, is also a big-time runner. She has run handful of half marathons and she has a marathon on her “someday” bucket list. I hoped that someday might translate to October 26th 2014. We already had our travel plans made for October anyway, so I called her and pitched the idea.

Now, we both have a fall marathon. She runs one weekend in Washington, DC, and I run the next in New York City. I’m psyched for both of us. She’s running in the “people’s marathon” in the nation’s capital. I get a second chance at the challenging NYC marathon course with a great support team.

Needless to say, the training schedules and time commitments will be a little tricky at times. Soccer games, piano practice, and other family activities will still be priority number one. But, what I like best is that we are both going through this experience together.

We will each have our own unique race experiences, which I think is important. But, we will be as empathetic and understanding as anyone could be, given that we are doing this together.

4 thoughts on “How My Wife Ended Up Running My Marathon

  1. This is so cool…yes an amazing journey for you both to share together…I love when couples are in sync and supportive of one another…super jazzed for you 🙂 The Asics {wow}

    1. Thanks! Yes, really cool… I’ll definitely be writing more on this as it develops. Not sure how the “taper tantrums” will play out with two of us going through it together. But, life is meant to be lived.

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