2014 TCS NYC Marathon Training – Week 1 of 16


Week One: July 14 – 20

Monday – 6.1 (7:27)

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 6.1 (7:52)

Thursday – 5.1 (7:42), w/ 5 strides

Friday – 6.1 (7:51)

Saturday – 4.5 (7:39), w/ 5 strides

Sunday – 8.2 (8:16)

Weekly Mileage = 36.1 miles

Time = 4 hours 42 minutes

TCS NYC Marathon training is officially underway! My training plan was developed for me by coach Andrew Kastor as part of the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon Asics Editors Challenge. More on that later…

Week one is about building a solid foundation for the increased mileage and training intensity that will be introduced over the next 14 weeks. It is essential to be running healthy, happy, and rested during the beginning stages of marathon training.

This week my running went pretty well. I still have a bit of a lower abdominal tightness that pesters me for the first mile or two. My main concern is the nagging piriformis syndrome injury. It bothers me for the first 15 minutes of each run and presents itself as a painful charlie horse just behind my right hip joint.

I’ve introduced some stretching throughout the day to ease┬áthe pain and discomfort, but sitting for prolonged periods and sleeping at night both cause discomfort. I’d like this to go away. Not bad enough to stop training, but a real pain in the butt- literally.

Don’t forget to show off your #MarathonBeard during your marathon training.

#MarathonBeard Week 1

#MarathonBeard Week 1