Stronger by Jeff Bauman

Stronger Jeff Bauman


Everybody remembers the horrific events that took place in Boston on April 15, 2013. We remember the first explosion, the runners knocked to their feet, the second explosion, and the macabre scene that followed as the dead and wounded were pulled from the sidewalk. One of the more indelible images is that of a legless Jeff Bauman being wheeled away while a cowboy named Carlos Arredondo holds a bloody tourniquet in place.

Stronger is written by Jeff Bauman. You can almost hear the swagger of his Boston accent as he shares the intimate details of his life before, during, and after the Boston Marathon bombings. His resilience, his humor, and his determination to walk again are inspiring. Bauman is an unlikely hero, but he steps up and owns the role as a tribute to the city that saved him from what seemed like certain death.

Bauman’s honesty and direct style of storytelling quickly captured my interest. As I read his words, it felt like I was listening to a friend. Bauman reveals his fears, his failures, his joys, and his opinions with little (if anything) held back. He paints a vivid picture of a working-class hero caught in a horrific situation.

Bauman struggles with his feelings about the bombers, his physical recovery, and his inability to live a normal life. Throughout the recovery process, he gradually begins to accept his reliance on others, the generosity of strangers, and his very public role as a symbol of Boston Strong. It’s only by reading Stronger that you will understand just how strong Bauman really is.

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