2014 TCS NYC Marathon Training – Week 2 of 16


Week Two: July 21 – 27

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 5.2 (7:50), w/ 5 strides

Wednesday – 5.5 (7:51)

Thursday – 5.3 (7:24), w/ 5 strides

Friday – 6.1 (7:53)

Saturday – 5.2 (7:55), w/ 5 strides

Sunday – 10.2 (8:11)

Weekly Mileage = 37.4 miles

Time = 4 hours 54 minutes

TCS NYC Marathon training is just beginning, but I can feel the cumulative impact of the mileage already. My legs are adjusting to the daily grind, but my speed is tempered by the knowledge that tomorrow brings another run of 5-6 miles. This is where runners pay their dues at the base of the training pyramid.

Week two continues to build a solid foundation for the increased mileage and training intensity of the next 13 weeks. It is essential to be running healthy, happy, and rested during the beginning stages of marathon training.The nagging piriformis syndrome injury is still there, but I’ve developed some daily stretching routines that help significantly. I try to stretch 3-5 times each day, and I stand at my desk (off and on) when I’m working. As for the running, it’s not so bad. When traffic is light I try to run on the opposite side of the road just to make up for the camber that always makes my right leg shorter.

The hardest run of the week was the long, slow ten-miler. My knees were talking to me by mile 8 and the soupy, humid weather along the seacoast made things pretty miserable. I’m definitely looking forward to the dry air and cool temperatures of fall in New England.

Don’t forget to show off your #MarathonBeard during your marathon training.