I sat down with 10-year-old Peyton Saltmarsh today and asked him why he likes to run. You may remember Peyton from a post that went viral last year: The 10 Rules of Running… From a 9-Year-Old He’s a year older now, and he still loves to run. He runs between 12 and 15 miles each week, and is looking forward to representing his school this fall as a member of the middle school cross-country team.


10 Reasons Why I Run – Peyton Saltmarsh

  1. I like being the fastest kid in 5th grade.
  2. When I run my mind and body relax. I feel happy for the rest of the day.
  3. I like to be active and play sports.
  4. I like to be one step ahead of the other kids my age.
  5. My dream is to be an elite runner when I grow up.
  6. I like to push my limits.
  7. I want to be a better runner than my big sister.
  8. I want to be healthy for my whole life.
  9. It helps me to be a better soccer and basketball player.
  10. It’s more fun to run in races than just watch them.

Peyton has some good reasons for running, and he clearly enjoys competing. Personally, I like answer number 2 the best. But everyone is different. Why do YOU run?