Week Five: Aug 11 – Aug 17 Recap

nyc training week 5

There are only 76 days left until the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon! Most of us have covered at least half that distance in a training run by now. If you haven’t run that far yet, no worries. There’s still plenty of time for your body to build up the endurance required to complete the NYC marathon.

The hardest part for most runners is holding back and running the bulk of their miles at an easy pace. Remember to go slow and focus on running form. At this point in your NYC marathon training program, the brain needs even more attention than the legs. Your mind is what will move you after the twenty-mile mark. Your legs will be begging for you to stop and reconsider your foolish endeavor.

This week, I battled with a sore calf. A knot appeared in my left calf and spoke to me on every run but the long run. I treated it with foam rolling, icing, and compression sleeves all week long. I was tempted to take a few days off, but gambled a bit and kept going. We runners are nothing if not stubborn.

How is your marathon training going? Add a comment or ask a question below.

Don’t forget to show off your #MarathonBeard during your marathon training.

#MarathonBeard Week 5

#MarathonBeard Week 5

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