2014 NYC Marathon – Asics Editorial Challenge


Asics America reached out to me and asked if I would like to be a part of their 2014 TCS NYC Marathon Asics Editorial Challenge Team. I think I hit the reply button before I got past “Hi Jason!” This is an extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Asics and network with elite members of both the running and publishing communities.

Asics has already done a brilliant job of treating our team as if we’re a group of sponsored runners. It’s as close as this masters runner will ever come to knowing how the other half lives. Race entries, coaching, gear, travel, and VIP parties are all included in this spectacular package. What do I do in return? I share this once in a lifetime experience with all of you. That’s what I do anyway. Win/Win

Coach Kastor

Asics coach, Andrew Kastor, has provided each of the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon Asics Editorial Challenge team members with a personal 16-week training plan. (You may recognize the last name. His wife, Deena, is a pretty decent runner too.)  I’m beginning week 6 of my 14-week training plan. So far, so good. You can read more about my training here.

The best thing about being a runner on the Asics team is the running gear. Two packages full of Asics running apparel arrived at my front door today. It is all high-quality, comfortable, light-weight gear designed for the marathon runner. In the words of west coast rapper, Ice Cube, today was a good day.

2014 tcs nyc marathon asics editors challenge gear

For the next 10 weeks I will be training hard, running long, and dreaming about another epic race through the greatest city in the world. After running the 2013 NYC Marathon in a guns-blazing, no-time-for-food race to the wall, I am wiser. I have 4 goals this year: enjoy the experience, take care of myself during the run, finish with a negative split, and qualify for Boston in 2016.

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