Running and Being by Dr. George Sheehan

Running and Being

Dr. George Sheehan is one of my favorite authors. In addition to writing eight best-selling books, Sheehan was a respected cardiologist, competitive runner, and popular speaker. Sheehan’s voice ignited the running boom of the 70s and 80s. His timeless words of wisdom on running, play, happiness, and life will inspire you as it has millions of other readers. Running and Being was first published in 1978, and represents some of Dr. Sheehan’s best work.

Running and Being is a collection of essays. Sheehan explores themes like Living, Beginning, Playing, Learning, Training, Healing, Suffering, Winning, Losing, and Seeing. All of his stories originate from the simple, yet powerful, act of running. Sheehan is a runner philosopher, and he brings the two worlds together in a way that no one else can.

“…in being a runner, in moving through pain and fatigue and suffering, in imposing stress upon stress, in eliminating all but the necessities of life, he is fulfilling himself and becoming the person he is.” Dr. George Sheehan, Running and Being

Inside Running and Being you’ll find racing strategy, injury prevention advice, training tips, and marathon stories. But, what you will think most about on your weekend long runs, are the stories that analyze the runner as a person. Why do we run? What makes us different from other people? Did we choose to become runners, or was it predetermined based on our personality and body type?

“The first half hour of my run is for my body. The last half hour, for my soul.” Dr. George Sheehan, Running and Being

Sadly, Dr. Sheehan passed away in 1993 after a prolonged battle with prostate cancer. However, his words continue to inspire. If you have not yet discovered his work, you owe it to yourself to read one of his books. You may also consider The Essential Sheehan, a sampling from the entire body of his work.

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