Women’s Asics GT-1000 2

women's asics gt1000 review

When I first tried on the Asics GT-1000 2 shoes, I was afraid they were too narrow but after loosening up the laces near the front of the shoe, this hasn’t been a problem at all. I broke them in with an easy-paced 15K on the road and I liked them right away. The Asics GT-1000 provides the right amount of support all the way around my foot. I particularly like the cushioning that supports both sides of my heels.

women's asics gt1000

The Asics GT-1000’s have a “Guidance Line” on the tread and it seems to work. I’ve worn them on some long runs and have had to focus a lot on my form, but when I think about landing with my foot straight, it seems to be happening already. The Asics GT-1000 also has the right amount of Gel cushioning for the entire foot which also seems to provide some springiness as I step forward.

womens asics gt1000

I had an ‘Elaine-Benes-in-her-Himalayan-walking-shoes’ moment yesterday (Seinfeld): It was a steamy summer evening and I was struggling through a mid-week 6-mile run. My breathing was difficult and my legs were tired, but I realized my feet were comfortable! Thank goodness I was wearing my Asics GT-1000 shoes!

Name: Asics GT-1000 2
Surface: Roads
Purpose: Training
Type: Stability

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  1. Hello, I laughed right out loud when I read about the Elaine moment…excellent recommendation, for sure! I may have to buy these Asics shoes even though I do not run. Judy

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