10 Clever Life Hacks for Runners

avoiding running injury

10 Hacks to Help Runners



Running Hack #1.

If you have a morning race or workout, decrease your warm up time with a hot/cold/hot shower before you go.


Running Hack #2.

Wrap blisters in band-aid and duct tape to avoid further injury when racing.


Running Hack #3.

Grab a cup of coffee 1/2 an hour before running to boost your workout performance.


Running Hack #4.

If you don’t have a gel or sports drink available, you can drink a flat Coke for fuel.


Running Hack #5.

Get two pairs of running shoes and rotate them to help prevent injury.


Running Hack #6.

Gauge ‘comfortable pace’ during training with the talk test or by singing the Brady Bunch theme song. If you can’t, you’re going too fast.


Running Hack #7.

Take cash, phone, and toilet paper on runs lasting more than 90 minutes. Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Leave a message on the fridge

Running Hack #8.

Write down your training goal, race goal, etc. and stick it on your refrigerator. It’ll keep you accountable and remind others to support you.


Running Hack #9.

When it rains, use lots of Vasoline all over everything that could chafe, blister, or rub. Trust me on this.


Running Hack #10.

Run with a friend. It makes the miles easier.

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