OOFOS Recovery Footwear


As runners, we pay a lot of attention to what we put on our feet when we run. It’s just as important to treat our feet well after we run. OOFOS is a great shoe for post-race or post-run recovery. The OOfoam™ material and the proprietary design works wonders on tired feet and legs.

My wife and I are both training for fall marathons, so you can imagine the level of complaining that goes on at our house about running injuries, muscle soreness, and fatigue. My wife is training for her first marathon and her legs and feet are adapting to the mileage, but her knees often ache after her long run on Saturday mornings.

As fate would have it, the OOFOS arrived on Friday evening. So, Tina was the first to try them on after her long run of 16 miles. She instantly groaned and said “Wow. These are awesome! Oh, my gosh, Jason. You have to try them.” She even said her knee pain went away after wearing the OOFOS for only a few minutes.


On Sunday, after my long run I tried on the OOFOS for the first time. Up until that point, I had been somewhat skeptical of these slip-ons that look very much like Crocs. I slipped them on and I instantly felt better. It was like someone was gently massaging the arch of my foot, and my feet lost the tension that they had carried for hours. Magic.

According to the manufacturer, OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more of the bodies impact that EVA (the foam most commonly found in running shoes). This means 37% less impact is coming back up through your body and stressing your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. The impact is being absorbed and dissipated out through the OOFOS footbed and OOfoam™ technology.


The OOFOS shoes are extremely lightweight and machine washable. The material is made of durable closed cell foam that doesn’t break down with wear. There are many colors and styles to choose from. And, they work well on wet slippery surfaces. Good news for those of you that find yourselves in a locker room or workout facility post-run.

After a week of testing and evaluation I have come to a couple of conclusions about my OOFOS shoes. First, this is by far the best recovery footwear I have ever tried. Second, it is recovery footwear, not regular footwear. I find that 15 minutes is about my limit in these shoes. After that, I’m ready to go barefoot or slip into my regular footwear. It’s actually really cool, because OOFOS offers quick recovery day after day.