I’m Running the 2014 Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon!

2014 Philadelphia Marathon

It thrills me to announce that I will be running the 2014 Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon as a member of the Gore Running Team! This will be my first time running in the City of Brotherly Love and I can’t wait. I want to do three things at the race this year: 1. Have a great racing experience 2. Enjoy the city of Philadelphia and 3. Enjoy an authentic Philly cheese steak sandwich after the race (or maybe 3)

Gore Running makes some great all-weather gear, and as a member of the Gore Running team, I get to train and race in it! As a New Englander, I battle the elements in every form during fall marathon season. Rain, sun, wind, snow- anything can happen this time of year. So, I am super-excited to have some high-quality gear for my runs.

As a Gore Running team member, I will be sharing my training and racing experience at the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon here on my blog. It will be a unique challenge for me to recover from the TCS New York City Marathon and be ready for Philadelphia just 21 days later, but I think I’m up for it. I’ll give you the details on the training plan, and you can see how I attempt to recover/train/taper in 3 weeks.

Next week, I’ll be flying to Delaware to visit the Gore-Tex factory and see how they make their clothing and running gear. I’m hoping to sit down with the design team to discuss running apparel and get a sense of where they see the industry changing over the next few years. Specifically, I’m going to ask about wearable technology and safety features.

If you’re running Philly this year, give me a shout, or leave your comments here. I’d love to connect with you at the race. Train hard and race easy!

Don’t forget to grow your #MarathonBeard


7 thoughts on “I’m Running the 2014 Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon!

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to running on the same team as you. I debated doing the ASICS Editor’s Challenge as well, but didn’t want to take on too much. You’re a better man than I! Good luck with your training!

  2. I am runnin Philly, too, as a tune-up/fitness check before we go into winter so I know how to better prepare for Boston. I suggest Pat’s for a cheesesteak!

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