Feetures! Performance Running Socks

My wife and I are both training for fall marathons. When you’re running high mileage weeks, there are few things more irritating than blisters. So, when an opportunity to review Feetures!® ‘no blisters’ performance running socks came along, we were thrilled to try them out.

Feetures!® makes a very comfortable running sock. The targeted compression of the Power Arch helps prevent fatigue and discomfort during and after runs. Tina remarked more than once that she liked having two pairs of Feetures!® so that she could put on another fresh pair after her run.

I found that the seamless toe design and the low-cut ankle made the Elite socks especially comfortable. In my book, socks that make you forget you have them on work best. The thin material and anatomical design combined to provide protection and comfort without any bulkiness or excessive padding.

The iWick fibers of the Feetures!® socks help keep feet cool and dry. I ran a few difficult workouts ranging from 7 to 16 miles and never developed blisters or experienced sweaty socks. If you don’t have socks that wick and breathe, you’ll be in trouble on your long runs. Feet sweat at a rate of 16 oz. per 8 hours of aerobic activity. I know, amazing and kind of nasty.

Feetures! Elite socks come in some really fun colors too! I particularly like the Olympian Blue + Orange socks because they remind me of the New York City Marathon. Tina is quite fond of her Lavender + Melon socks. They are a great value at just under $15 a pair. And, they come with a Feetures!® Lifetime Guarantee.

I also tried out their new product, the Plantar + Calf Sleeve. This sock is specifically designed for runners with Plantar Fasciitis symptoms who also want the performance and recovery benefits of a compression calf sleeve. The sleeve works fast to reduces heel and arch pain by lifting, stretching, and stabilizing the plantar fascia, while delivering graduated compression to improve circulation. The sleeve fits easily under another pair of socks. I’m wearing mine today under my ‘business socks’ and nobody is the wiser.


You can navigate the Feetures!® website by product, cushion, or height. Within each category you’ll find lots of styles to choose from. As winter approaches here in New England, I’ve got my eye on the Merino+ socks. If you’re looking for quality running socks, I would recommend trying on a pair of Feetures!®. I like Feetures!® so much that I only wear them during my toughest workout days each week. They’re reserved for those times when I need every advantage I can get.

One thought on “Feetures! Performance Running Socks

  1. We look forward to trying out the new socks. I am ordering them today.
    I hope they work for other sports also. Thank you. Judy